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320 MGD BY 2024




CP 8

CP 9

CP 12

CP 13

CP 14

CP 15

CP 16

CP 19


CP 10

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CP 17

CP 18

Site Development (1)


  • LandTech

  • FenceMaster

  • Lazer Construction

  • Emerald Standard

Deep Concrete Structures (2)


  • McCarthy Building Companies

Power Line Relocation (3)


  • Emerald Standard

Dual 108 Inch Transmission Main (4)


  • Barnard Construction Company

Intake Pump Station (6)


  • McCarthy Building Companies

North Plant (6)


  • Balfour Beatty

The Houston Waterworks Team (HWT) is a Joint Venture between CH2M and CDM Smith. They operate as ONE team to bring the Design - Build of this exciting project to fruition. HWT operates with a commitment to Health, Safety and the surrounding Environment, as well as a dedication to the MWSBE community.


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Please see Reference Documents for Shortlist contact information. The contacts will be able to assist you with RFP due dates and plan downloads. The shortlists are Tier One Contractors only. Subcontractors will bid directly to the named shortlisted companies. 

Earthwork and Yard Piping (8)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • PLW Waterworks

Site Electrical (9)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • Fisk Electrical

I&C, SCADA (10)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • HWT SCADA Team

Administration/Maintenance Building (11)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • Horizon International Group

North Plant (12)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • Balfour Beatty

Central Plant (13)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • McCarthy Building Companies

EQ Basins (14)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • Industrial, TX

Dewatering Building (15)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • Alberici/Flintco

High Service Pump Station (16)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • PLW Waterworks

Substation (17)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • Dashiell Corporation

Ground Storage Tanks  (Concrete - Alternate 18)

(Selected to Negotiate)

  • Preload

The City of Houston’s Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP) Expansion Project is a design-build project that will add 320 million gallons per day (mgd) by 2024 to the existing water plant’s capacity. The expansion project will allow the City and the regional water authorities to meet projected demands, while fulfilling requirements set by the Harris-Galveston and Fort Bend Subsidence Districts resulting in a shift from historical groundwater usage to a predominant reliance on surface water.     

Construction on the $1.4 billion project is anticipated to begin early 2018. The NEWPP expansion is required to comply with subsidence district rules for conversion from groundwater to surface water supply, resulting in a reduction of the subsidence rate.  Features of the project include the design, construction and commissioning of:

  • Intake pump station

  • Twin 108-inch transmission mains

  • Pre- and post-treatment chemical addition

  • Flocculation/sedimentation basins

  • Ozone treatment

  • Filtration

  • Finished water storage tanks

  • High service pumping station


Early Work Packages (EWP) have been released or are active/awarded. EWP 1 (Site Development) and EWP 3 (Power Relocation) have been awarded to five Minority, Women, Small Business Enterprises (MWSBE) with construction expected to begin in 2018.

This is just the beginning of the opportunities that will be available for the NEWPP expansion project as the trade packages and the Balance of Plant (BOP) facility contract packages will be released in late 2017 and early 2018. HWT strongly encourages you to check this website and the Recently Released Shortlists and RFPs to stay up to date with package releases, contract package awards and other pertinent information. 

There will be many Tier 2 contracting opportunities available throughout the project as each of the competing Tier 1 proposers will include MWSBE and local/regional contractors on their teams. Target participation goals will be requirements of each contract package for both MSWBE and local contractor participation. HWT will be providing the shortlisted proposers of each contract package with the list of interested contractors and vendors from our enrolled companies database. To be added to the database of interested contractors/vendors, provide basic company information on our simple one-page Enrollment Form.

HWT will contract with the Tier 1 contractors for the various trade and BOP facility packages in 2018. Before that happens, the Tier 1 contractors will be forming teams to include in their qualifications and proposals, and so we encourage all interested contractors/vendors to enroll. HWT will assist the shortlisted Tier 1 contractors as well by conducting Meet and Greet sessions with select local/regional contractors and MWSBE.

Note, if you are a certified MWSBE firm you must have the correct NAICS codes for the corresponding contract work assignment.

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